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500 watts (250 watts per channel)
Two stereo preamps with Volume, 3D Expander, Bass, Mid, and Treble controls
Two pairs of 1/4-inch inputs on each channel
Master Volume control
Master low bass control
XLR mic input
XLR left and right outputs
1/4-inch mono output
1/4-inch subwoofer output
DIN slave amp output
Two 12-inch neodymium speakers
Four 3.5-inch ferro-cooled horns
18.75"H 26"W 16.75"D 48 lbs

KP-500SN Stereo Keyboard Combo Amp

The new KP-500SN 500-watt stereo combo amp is designed specially for the new stereo keyboards available today. Even though it has increased power, its portability has been improved through the use of light-weight neodymium speakers. The KP-500SN's 500-watt capability is designed to handle large live venues and its angled cabinet projects and dramatically widens the stereo keyboard sound, which can be enhanced further utilizing our proprietary 3D expander control. This takes the stereo sound and turns it into real 3D imagery far beyond the sound delivered through typical flat-front, forward-facing mono and stereo enclosures, creating an incredible sonic experience for audiences in large rooms and live venues.

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