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Mechanical rotary horn with 45 watt amplifier
Fast/Slow/Stop speed control
800Hz crossover
Proprietary class A, AB, B variable mode FET pre-amp
Treble and mid EQ controls
Adjustable low rotor simulator with high and low frequency controls.
Removable-cord LED control footswitch
Low rotor simulator LED speed indicator
1/4-inch low rotor simulator output.
Built-in horn microphone
Horn microphone and low rotor mixer to 1/4-inch output for PA use or support amplification.
6.5"H 20"W 16.5"D 27lbs.

PRO-3X Mechanical Rotary Horn Amp with Low Rotor Simulator

Our very popular compact, highly portable PRO-3X Rotary Horn Amplifier adds an actual mechanical rotary horn to your existing keyboard amplifier that delivers the rich 3D sound only a real rotary horn can provide. The PRO-3X also has a low rotor simulator output to provide classic rotary organ sound with the rotary horn. Fast/Slow/Stop speed control is included.

Kobitone Mike Mount PRO-3Tm - mic mounting position image.
Kobitone mic mount tech PRO-3(T).jpg - microphone XLR wiring info (Mouser #25LM032)
PRO3 PC Board setup.jpg - PC board Potentiometer adjustments.
PRO-3 to T upgrades.jpg - Possible upgrades for PRO-3's.
PRO-3T Low Freq output.jpg - LOW-PRO <800 Hz audio output DIN wiring. (PRO-3T)
p3lps1.jpg p3lps2.jpg - PRO-3 to LOW-PRO adaptor info
SM57 PRO-3T.jpg - Suggested Internal SM57 mike location drawing.
p3lp.jpg - Audio/Speed control from PRO-3 to LOW-PRO wiring diagram.
PRO-3T(m) - and PRO-3T Typical Pot settings
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